Rudolf Schmied

Visual Flashback Artist I

27 November 2014 to 27 May 2015

“I first found myself in an analogous black-and-white darkroom, which was in my parents’ bathroom, at the age of 16, excited to observe a picture slowly emerging on a piece of white photographic paper. I was fascinated by the development process.”

The format, the picture frame, all the technology was too stringent for me, too standardised. I cast aside the straightjacket of the industrially produced photographic papers, liberated myself of all the constraints and started experimenting.”

The “visual flashback” process is what photographer Rudolf Schmied calls the photo creation process he developed. In an era characterised by rushing about, a shortage of time, and above all in a time of digital photoshopping, the self-proclaimed visual flashback artist is returning to the roots of photography – to the analogous darkroom. In a time-intensive preparation process, Rudolf Schmied first of all creates his own surface (canvass or wood) onto which he then pours, paints and smears liquid photo emulsion. Then, in a passionate handcrafted process, an original image is created on this canvass or this piece of wood, the uniqueness of which is impressive.

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