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Canoeing in the Wachau (five-minute drive)

Experience the Wachau or other natural gems in the region from a different perspective. Taking to the water opens up whole new worlds. The canoe and stand-up paddle boards are the perfect way to discover these new worlds.

Tranquil bays, desert islands, branches of rivers and meadowlands, sand and gravel banks surrounded by sun-kissed terrace vineyards, picturesque villages, castles and ruins.

Karikaturmuseum Krems  (five-minute walk away)

The museum typical of Krems yet somewhat different, giving rise to a smile as it does. Can also be booked in combination with a guided tour of the town and/or fine dining.

Stift Göttweig (Monastery)  (15-minute drive)

Visit to the high-altitude monastery which affords a view across Krems, the Danube and part of the Wachau.

Brandner Schiffahrt (five-minute walk to the shipping peer)

Experience the Wachau at a leisurely pace – as far as Emmersdorf and back. 

Vineyard rally by and with Toni Zöhrer (10-minute drive or rather pick-up by the wine-grower)

The vineyard rally starts at the Zöhrer wine-growing estate in Krems’ Sandgrube. It takes you to the loveliest spots in Krems, through Krems’ famous vineyards and gives you the chance to experience for yourself the life of the wine-grower in line with Mother Nature and the millennium-old town.

Marillenweg (15-minute drive away)

Come, see, listen, smell, taste. Experience for yourself the world of the original Wachau apricot – you can experience the last month of the Wachau apricot adventure path which takes you through the picturesque landscape of vineyards and through ancient apricot fields on the trail of the precious fruit. 

Bailoni Weinbrennerei (wine distillery)  (20-minute walk away)

Visit Wachau’s first apricot distillery. 


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